Should the Owner Be Covered by Work Comp?

Most Workers Compensation insurance companies give the option for the owner to be excluded from the policy.   While taking this option may save some money, is it the best choice? 

Ken Carpenter, president and owner of this agency has this perspective. "I encourage owners to be covered by work comp insurance.  I think about the person that is putting themselves at risk while they are concerned about employee safety.  Their drive for customer service could extend their work hours or miles on the road, increasing the possibilities of injury.  In the event that an owner covered by work comp were to be injured, it does not put a financial strain on the company to continue his compensation while he is not able to do his job."

Sounds like good advice.  Owners may tend to think they are exempt from injury.  Workers compensation insurance would be a financial help to the company in the event the owner was not able to generate the income he or she normally does due to injury.  Something to think about!

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