Jeans at the Office?

A couple of years ago, we had a strong discussion about whether or not we should wear jeans to work in our offices.

Thought it would be interesting to revisit that topic. Here are the opinions voiced at the time.

Kevin:  Over the last month I have called on several large clients and have set appointments with them. I arrive in slacks with a button down long sleeve shirt on, as I set in front of the owners of these large corporations they are wearing nice jeans, shoes I wouldn’t wear, but hey each is his own person, and a button down shirt and they look very professional. As many know Ken and I wear jeans that are usually starched with a nice button down or a nice polo, Its not what you wear but how you carry yourself and present your product. Anymore the look for these "business owners" are jeans and button down shirts. I can name any oilfield company, car or truck dealership, trucking company, and lord knows if I’m to dressed up when I see a towing company they are going to kick me out of the place, LOL. On a serious note, jeans look good with a nice pair of shoes, or boots and a really nice shirt.

Caleb:  There are studies about it both ways, and many are not conclusive. I think it really depends on the business. The recent trend I’ve seen is most of our business is done over the phone, so from the customers prospective I don’t see how dress matters. The other topic discussed is how it effects productivity. Personally, I don’t work any differently on Friday than I do Monday. I still like the idea of dressing up Monday just because it adds variety and makes me feel like I’m ready for the week. Jeans during the remainder of the week surely wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I think we have an incredible boss who is fully capable of making that decision.

Melissa:  Personally I work better if I am more comfortable. How we present ourselves is important when dealing with clients more than anything. Mostly a customer only sees us from our waist up because we are sitting at a desk. So in my opinion, jeans are just as attractive as slacks/skirts as long as they are clean and fairly new looking (no tears/stains/etc), especially if worn with a nice shirt. Shirts designed with a business logo are always very attractive. Coupled with a nice pair of jeans I believe a person can be just as presentable and just as efficient. I do not chose who I do business with based on their dress attire but on their professionalism to me as a customer. I would hope others would extend the same courtesy to me.

The boss (Ken) has an opinion as well.  He hasn't voiced it yet.  However, in the past it has been his very strong opinion that you dress up to go to work.  It makes a clear separation from your weekend shenanigans and puts a clear focus on work.  Currently, our Fridays are "jean" days, Mondays are "nice dress" days (tie for the guys, etc), Tues - Thurs are more business casual.

What does your office do?  Do you think jeans should be everyday attire in the office?  Comment and let us know your opinion.